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Installation Checklist — Is Your Home Ready for Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet Installation is 100% professional, no need for do it yourself handiwork. Plus, you HughesNet equipment will be provided for you by your installer, including a satellite antenna and an HN9000 modem. But there are still a few questions to ask in advance of your installation date.

Can you see the southern sky?

Your satellite Internet service will need a clear path from the satellite antenna to the southern sky in order to receive an optimal signal. A weakened signal will result in less satisfactory performance. To guarantee the fastest speeds, clear any potential obstructions to make way for an uninhibited signal.

Do you know the date and time of your scheduled installation?

You are required to be at home during your allotted installation time period, so double check to make sure there aren’t any scheduling conflicts. The installation process may finish early, but you will still need to be on available in case unforeseen questions arise.

Is your computer capable of connecting with HughesNet?

HughesNet requires that your computer use Windows 2000 PE or higher, or Mac OS 10.1 or higher for Apple users. Your computer will also need network capability (10/100 Ethernet pre-equipped). Most computers purchased in recent years come standard with these prerequisites, though it’s best to be safe and find out for sure, so you aren’t left surprised come installation day.

Where do you plan to use your Internet?

As soon as your installation is complete, you’ll be good to go. But in order to access high speed Internet as soon as possible, your home computer set-up will need to be in place prior to your installation date. This also ensures your professional installer will be able to activate your modem, assist you in registering at, test to make sure your connection is working properly and safeguard against any post-installation headaches.

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