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HughesNet Satellite Internet Accessories

Your HughesNet satellite Internet package comes with all you need to get started, including your satellite Internet antenna and a high-tech HN 9000 modem. Whether you lease or purchase, your new equipment is installed by certified professionals to ensure the best possible signal for optimal performance and top speeds.

5 More Buys to Complete Your Satellite Internet Set-Up

Upgrading to HughesNet could be an ideal time to consider adding to your equipment ensemble, so you can use your internet in ways never worth exploring with a slug-speed dial-up connection. It’s time you make the most of a more capable internet connection. Look for the following items at your local electronics store:

  1. Ethernet Cables — No Internet connection is complete without a trusty set of Ethernet cords, quite literally, considered the common standard for local area networks. Though Ethernet technology has been around for some time, it might be the right time to upgrade your network’s cabling to guarantee your connection operates at full capacity and guard against wear-downs that could result in complications at a later date.
  2. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard — Laptop users looking for more versatility may want to look into a wireless mouse and keyboard combo, offering more complete control and easier key-striking than built-in laptop counterparts. Or even desktop users might opt for a wireless mouse and keyboard to cut down on the clutter and give more range of motion around the workspace.
  3. Scanner — Turn paper into document files and keep a computerized archive in addition to or in place of bulky file cabinets and folders. Plus, a scanner lets you take a streamlined approach to paperwork housekeeping and administrative tasks and quickly send/receive documents, sidestepping snail mail.
  4. Dual Monitor Adapter — If you have a second monitor doing little more than gathering dust, don’t miss out on the opportunity to recreate an authentic office experience from the comfort of your home. Double your screen space surface area, so you complete the same task twice as fast or easily navigate back and forth between dueling documents. Of course, you can always purchase an additional monitor at a reasonable price as well.
  5. Web Cam — Take pictures or videos from your computer chair and upload them online. A web cam creates an interactive experience, adding a personal touch to your online activity.

Choose America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet and enjoy high-speed internet across the contiguous United States. Free up your phone lines without cleaning out your wallet and call now to hear about the best HughesNet satellite Internet deals in your area!

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