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Cadillac, MI to Cutlerville, MI HughesNet Satellite Internet Offers

Not all of Michigan is serviced by Cable and DSL. Luckily high speed Internet is also available through HughesNet satellite Internet. In fact, HughesNet satellite internet from Cadillac, MI to Clarkston, MI all the way to Cutlerville, MI. In fact, HughesNet services the entire continental U.S. (including rural areas), not just your corner of Camden, MI. Major metro cities, rural towns and surrounding areas can enjoy the ease and flexibility of high speed Internet connections as long as there is a clear line of sight from the dish to the satellite. Call Satellite Star Internet today at 1-888-659-5267 and get the latest deals and offers for Hughes Net in Michigan.

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Hughes Net customers from Cadillac, MI to Cutlerville, MI are usually installed within 2 weeks of their order. Call today to get more information on how quickly you can be surfing the Internet at higher speeds. HughesNet was originally founded as DIRECWAY, which is why you may see the occasional DIRECWAY dish lingering around the Michigan area. Those satisfied customers still enjoy the freedom of satellite Internet and the benefits of broadband connectivity from even the most remote locations.

Service Plan
Estimated Download Time
0.5mb Image
1mb Video Clip
4mb MP3 Audio File
25mb Software Upgrade
53k Dial-Up
1.2 min
2.5 min
9.9 min
1 hr 2.4 min
4 sec
8 sec
32 sec
3.3 min
Power 150
2.5 sec
5 sec
20 sec
2 min
Power 200
2 sec
4 sec
16 sec
1.7 min

Speeds compared to dial-up speeds of 53k. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

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