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HughesNet Satellite Internet vs. dial-up and DSL: It’s no contest!

The tale-of-the-tape shows just how much quicker HughesNet speeds are than dial-up, and how they compare to the typical DSL connection:

Service Plan
Estimated Download Time
Upload 20 photos
(10 MB)
Full music album
(160 MB)
90-minute movie
(1 GB)
56k Dial-Up
24 mins
6.5 hrs
41.6 hrs
Less than 1 min
15 mins
1 hr, 41 mins
Connect PRO
Less than 1 min
4 mins
27 mins
Less than 1 min
2 mins
14 mins
Power PRO
Less than 1 min
2 mins
14 mins
Power MAX
Less than 1 min
1 min
9 mins

Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.
* DSL estimate is for 1.5 Mbps.

Connect PRO
Power PRO§
Power MAX§
5 Mbps
10 Mbps
10 Mbps
15 Mbps
1 Mbps
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
2 Mbps
Ideal use
Home use and one computer; email, shop, surf
Casual downloads, email, online shopping, social media, surfing Web
Media sharing, music downloading, faster uploads, need for larger data allowance
Homes with multiple devices and diverse downloading
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Dial-up isn’t the only show in town anymore for rural Internet access.

With HughesNet Gen4, no matter how remote your outpost, you’re on. Always. And your phone line is free. No more busy signals while you access the Internet. HughesNet satellite Internet delivers connections speeds that allow you to explore more on the Web. No need to wait out impossible wait times for downloads once you’re there.

If you’re in the United States, have electricity and a clear view of the southern sky, you have what it takes to enjoy HughesNet Gen4 service.

HughesNet easily overcomes the best speeds dial-up could manage. From the smallest files to the largest, you’ll spend way less time waiting with HughesNet than you would with typical 56K dial-up.

With dial-up, it’s not worth trying to stream a video on YouTube or watch a movie on Netflix. But when you connect with HughesNet Gen4, you have the bandwidth to get it done!

Take a look at the HughesNet difference

Let’s examine a simple comparison between HughesNet Gen4 and dial-up.

The average software update is yours in 3 minutes or less on satellite Internet. That same file with a dial-up connection?

Better carve out at least an hour of wait time!

With satellite Internet, you’re always on. Problems with the phone line won’t interrupt your Internet service, as it might with DSL. Satellite Internet depends on transmissions between your dish, our satellite, and our network operations center, not a telephone line or cable.

Don’t let dial-up slow you down!

Slow connection speeds are bad for business, and no fun at home, either. Can you afford to go on living the dial-up life of sit-and-wait, when fast satellite Internet service is available where you live?

With the Connect PRO plan, you have everything you need for the one-computer home. You get the quick download speeds of HughesNet 4G and a data allowance to handle your everyday online activities.

The Power PRO plan doubles your download speed to 2 Mbps, with a bigger data allowance. If you share pictures and videos, or download music in a home with one or two devices, this plan is for you.

Power users get what they need from the Power MAX plan. If your family stays on the Internet for extended periods, often on multiple devices, you’re probably browsing videos and photos, sharing and downloading … and Power MAX has the speed and data allowance to handle it!

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